Vertx Interview Questions Answers List in 2020

Today, we will go through the list of Vert.x interview questions which are typical to be asked in an interview.

Vert.x Interview Questions And Answers

1. What is Vert.x?

In simple words, Vert.x is a toolkit to build reactive applications on JVM.

Currently, it is hosted by Eclipse foundation.

2. Which version of Vert.x did you use in your project?

You can mention the version like 3.9.2

3. What are different features of Vert.x framework?

  1. Polyglot Nature – Vertx toolkit exposes it’s API to work with different programming languages. For example: Kotlin, Scala, Ruby, Java.
  2. Event Driven – Vert.x is based on the concept of event loop which it inherits from Node.js. It works on events instead of synchronous calls.
  3. Non-Blocking – As it is event based, it is non-blocking in nature. Which also means that it is very easy to scale by providing highly concurrent environment.

4. What is the difference between Vertx vs Spring Boot?

Vertx and Spring Boot are two totally different things. Directly, we should not compare them.

The comparison makes sense only when we talk about Spring’s support of reactive programming.

So, on one side, we have Reactive application built with Vertx and on other hand with Spring Boot with reactive support.

Benchmark says that Vertx typically perform better in this case.

5. What is Reactive Programming?

Reactive Programming does not have any fixed definition. By far we can say that : Reactive Programming is where we are talking about different streams of data talking in an asynchronous way.

6. Give a Vertx example.

Find this Github link to go through some of the examples with various messaging systems.

7. Explain Vertx architecture?

Although there are many moving parts in Vertx architectue, two of the most important components of it are:

  1. Verticles
  2. Event Bus

8. What is a Verticle in Vert.x framework toolkit?

Verticle is one of the most important component of Vert.x toolkit. It is the unit of deployment which works as Producer or Consumer for an event loop.

event and event loop in vertx

A Verticle can receive and process events coming from an event loop or it can push events to the event loop.

With this we are finished with Vertx Interview Questions and Answers. Thanks for stopping by.

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