Spring Webflux Interview Questions List in 2020

Today in this article, we will go through our compiled list of interview questions on Spring Webflux project.

Current article is part of our series on Spring Interview Questions.

1. What is Spring Webflux?

Spring Webflux is the project introduced to support reactive programming in web stack. It is an alternate to Spring MVC which is Servlet based stack.

2. When was Spring Webflux added to the Spring?

It first got introduced with Spring 5.

3. Can we run Spring Webflux applications on Tomcat or Apache?

The only requirement is that the server should be compliant with Servlet 3.1+ specification. Although, typically Spring Webflux applications are deployed in web servers like Netty and Undertow.

4. What is the use-case for using Spring Webflux over Spring MVC?

We should use it when we want to build highly concurrent systems with handful of threads.

The approach of handling concurrency with Spring Webflux is different than traditional multi-threaded servers supporting Spring MVC where we serve each HTTP request on separate thread.

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