Spring Webflow Interview Questions List in 2020

Today, in this article, we will go through our list of top spring webflow interview questions which are typically asked in a Java interview.

Current article is part of our series on Spring Interview Questions.

spring webflow interview questions and answers

Spring WebFlow Interview Questions And Answers

1. What is Spring web flow project?

Every web application has some tasks which a user might perform. For example: Shopping the items, applying for the loan, book a ticket etc.

A user will go through a number of web pages, a sequence of steps, a path, to do these tasks. This path is what is called as “flow”.

Spring webflow helps implement these “flows”.

2. What dependency we need to enable it?


3. What is a flow?

A flow is a reusable sequence of steps that can be executed in different contexts.

4. How to implement a flow?

Spring provides us flow definition language. It’s an XML based language.

With this, we define our flows and it gets integrated with our web application.

5. What are different components of flow definition?

  1. Root element
  2. View State
  3. Transition State(s)
  4. End State

6. What are “Actions” in Spring Webflow?

An action represents a task, typically encapsulating a business logic which needs to be executed on certain points to achieve the desired result.

7. What are different point where an action can be executed?

  1. Flow start
  2. State entry
  3. View render
  4. Transition execution
  5. State exit
  6. Flow end

These points works as trigger points for the configured actions.

8. What are different variable scopes in Spring WebFlow?

  1. Flow Scope
  2. View Scope
  3. Request Scope
  4. Flash Scope
  5. Conversation Scope

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