Spring Framework Interview Questions List in 2020

This article covers more generic list of Spring Framework Interview Questions.

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Spring Framework Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is Spring Framework?

Spring Framework is one of the project under the common umbrella of ‘Spring Projects’. It is also the most popular open-source framework for Java enterprise application development.

It works as center of and the base of Spring projects.

All the core technologies of the Spring, like Spring IoC, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, are covered under this project. All the other projects like Spring Boot, Spring Security are built on top of Spring Framework project.

2. What are the different features of Spring Framework?

Below are the general features or characteristics of Spring framework. On this basis you can even decide, whether to use it in your application environment or not.

  1. Lightweight: There is not much development or performance overhead of using Spring. It has less memory footprint than JEE containers.
  2. Flexible: You can choose which module you want to use and ignore others.
  3. Non-Intrusive: Spring does not compels us in anyway to either inherit or implement any of the it’s API in our code. If we want to replace Spring with some other alternate, it won’t be having much impact.
  4. Comprehensive: Spring has almost all the technologies in it’s portfolio, required to build and support any type of enterprise java application.
  5. JEE compliant: Spring gives full support to all the JSRs it has chosen to implement, out of all the available JSR.
  6. Rapid Application Development: With the help of technologies provided by Spring, a production-ready skeleton of an application can be done under a minute.

3. What are the different modules in Spring framework?

There are multiple modules in Spring Framework which are categorized according to the usability context.

Given below are some of the most popular modules according to their usability context

  1. Core Technologies
    1. Dependency Injection
    2. Aspect-Oriented-Programming(AOP)
    3. Internationalization
    4. SpEL-Spring Expression Language
  2. Web Servlet
    1. Spring MVC
    2. STOMP Messaging
  3. Web Reactive
    1. Spring WebFlux
    2. WebClient
    3. WebSocket
  4. Data Access
    1. JDBC
    2. ORM mapping
    3. transactions
    4. DAO support
  5. Integration
    1. JMS
    2. JMX
    3. Scheduling
    4. Caching

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