Spring Cloud Interview Questions List in 2020

Today in this article we will go through our compiled list of top Spring Cloud interview questions and answers which are typically to be asked in a Java interview.

Current article is part of our series on Spring Interview Questions.

As cloud seems to omnipresent now-a-days, use of Spring Cloud is increasing day by day in the companies. With that: amount of interview questions on Spring Cloud are also increasing consistently.

If you are here, it means that you have worked or heard about one or more Spring Cloud sub projects and you need to prepare that for the interview.

So, Let’s go through the questions and answers without any delay.

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spring cloud interview questions and answers

Spring Cloud Interview Questions And Answers

1. What is Spring Cloud project?

Spring Cloud is a parent project which has many sub-projects. The target of Spring Cloud as a whole is to help developer build and use some standard patterns of distributed systems.

The use of it has increased because of Micro-service Architecture.

2. What is Spring Cloud advantages?

Spring Cloud provides us many out-of-box solutions. Their features are:

  1. We can directly use these in our applications
  2. The solutions are industry tested.
  3. Sometime we already know what kind of problems we might face in our applications but seeing at these solutions.

Spring Cloud Netflix Interview Questions And Answers

3. What is Spring Cloud Netflix?

Spring Cloud Netflix is a sub-project which has some of the most common, battle tested, patterns already implemented for us which we can just use directly.

4. For which patterns does Spring Cloud Netflix provides the implementation?

Some of the patterns it implements are:

  1. Service Registration and Discovery
  2. Circuit Breaker Pattern
  3. Routing and Filtering
  4. Client-side Load Balancing
  5. Declarative Rest client
  6. Configuration Management

5. What is service registration and service discovery pattern?

Let’s suppose there are two services:

  1. Client Service – Which wants to invoke some API of another service.
  2. Other Service – Which has the API.

In service discovery pattern, client service has no knowledge of the other service’s URL upfront. It fetches the other service’s location from a third entity, called Registry.

Client Service connects with Registry to “discover” a service and other services registers with the Registry to be found out.

6. Why do we need Service Discovery pattern?

One of the challenges of any Cloud application is that whenever a new service starts, Cloud provider assigns a dynamically generated network location for that service.

Basically, until that service starts in the cloud, we can’t know the URL to hit. When we don’t know, then we can’t configure it.

Here come the Service discovery pattern to the rescue.

  1. Registry – will have the service location mapped to a key(let’s say service name)
  2. Client Service – will get the location by asking the key’s value
  3. Other Services – will register themselves corresponding to that key.

7. What is Netflix Eureka?

Netflix Eureka is the implementation of Service registration and discovery pattern provided to us out-of-the-box.

It has all the gears related to that.

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